Location: Las Terrenas
Project : ¡Pa'lante CALLE 30!

This undergoing project aims to avoid the marginalization of working-class area located right in the hart of Las Terrenas tourist centre.

The project ˇPa´lante CALLE 30! refers to the fair tourist criteria giving:
- Its localisation, next to the tourist centre
- Its population composed of 30 families formerly engaged in agriculture and fishing who are, today, unemployed.
- Its authenticity, being a truly Dominican street that contrasts with the other parts of the tourist centre.

- Small-sized business creation
- Energizing the economical and social life of the street, opening it to the tourists to give to the local community the opportunity to earn a living through the management of small-sized businesses
- Prevention of drugs consumption, alcoholism and delinquency.
- Fighting against the lack of hygiene

Rehabilitation of the street to give it back its initial and convivial atmosphere: painting the house front, reflowering the street, placing of garbage can, sanitization of the surroundings, placing additional access to running water

Capacity centre:
- Small-sized business management training for the inhabitants of the area
- Training for a better understanding of tourists and a better communication
- Conception and creation of new products to be market by the inhabitants of the area.
- Setting up premises for businesses
- Setting up Bed and breakfast to stay with locals